2018/2019 Volleyball Highlights

This is AMAA’s largest Volleyball season ever with an incredible 9 teams – Tyro (9th & 10th grade), 2 Intermediate Teams (8th grade), Rookie (7th grade), Bantam (6th grade), 2 Novice Teams (5th grade), and 2 PeeWee Teams (grades 4 & under). Our Tyro team, coached by Kerri Fortune and Sal Tartaglione, welcomed 3 new players to round out their 12 player roster. They’ve had a great start to the season with a 7-2 record.


This year, CYO brought back the CYO –All-Star games. Each AMAA team, PeeWee and older, was represented in the games!

Congratulations to the All-Stars:

2018/2019 Cheerleading

It was a re-growing season for our Cheer Squad as well this year, with all new Cheerleaders and first time Junior Coach, Penelope Rice along with assistance from Elba Rosales-Rice.

The cheerleaders worked extra hard this year, cheering for two basketball games back to back! Their confidence levels improved with each performance. With a small squad of 3-4 cheerleaders it is tougher to be heard, however they quickly learned to use their loud voices and cheer on the teams.

"All the girls are AMAZING!" Junior Coach Penelope.

2018/2019 Girls Basketball

We had three girls basketball teams this season Intermediate, (6th-8th grades), Novice (5th grade) and PeeWee (4th grade & under). All of last year’s coaches returned this season to once again lead their teams.

2018/2019 Boys Basketball

We had 6 Boys Basketball teams this year, Rookie (7th grade), Bantam (6th grade), Novice, (5th grade), PeeWee (4th grade) Sub-Novice 1 (3rd grade) and Sub-Novice 2 (1st & 2nd grades). We also had 6 kids participate in our Basketball Clinic, run by John Saffian, with his Holy Family program.

2018/2019 Swimming

Our swimmers participate with the LIAM Swim Team (Our Lady of Lourdes, Incarnation, American Martyrs).  AMAA sends approximately 15 swimmers to each LIAM team, boys and girls.  The Boys team finished the regular season, winning the Diocesan “B” Division Championship.  The Girls team is halfway through their season, and they hope to clinch the championship as well!

2018/2019 Track

It was a growing season for our Cross-Country Track Team. We started the season by welcoming a new head coach, John Lansden. The team was made up of approximately 20 runners, half of whom were new to the team. The team practiced during the week, and competed in 4 races that were held on Sundays on our home turf, in Alley Pond Park. The Track team will compete again outdoors in the Spring, in 4 short-distance races. There is still time to register to participate in Spring Track!

2018/2019 Soccer

We had two co-ed soccer teams, Sub-Novice (2nd-4th grade) and Squirt (2nd grade & under).